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100 Days of School – The Worst Made-Up Holiday of the Year

I know that I’m going to get some hate for being a bad mom, but why and when did this 100 days of school thing become a thing? It’s just one more day in addition to Valentine’s Day (which is rapidly approaching), where my crafting skills just let my kids down. Here’s what I sent my child to school in today, for his 100th day of first grade.

100 days of school 2
100 days of school



That’s right, those are 100 dollar monopoly bills superglued to his T-shirt that I wrote on with a black sharpie. My dad found these industrial strength number stickers that you would place on a mailbox. A couple stickers, some 100 dollar bills, and a sharpie. That’s it, and to be honest, that was a very good effort on my part. That’s the limit of my crafting capabilities. There are no special buttons or art pieces. Just a crappy homemade T-shirt that is not Pinterest worthy. I hope my first grader likes it. He seemed quite pleased with it because he knows me and understands that this is all I can do.

When we were kids, we didn’t even know how many days long the school year was. Now, I know from my first grader that there are 183 days of school. So, he’s more than half way done with school. When I went to school, we could have went for 365 days a year if we were told to go that many days. We just did it and didn’t complain or didn’t celebrate the beginning, end, or this now mid-point of the school year. We just went.

This just seems like another useless made-up holiday that we now have to celebrate or our kids will feel left out of the fun. I can’t stand being given “busy” work. I do enough real activities and school work with my kids to be subjected to all these random theme days. I thought we were all going to give ourselves a break and stop torturing parents. Can we give it a rest? We all have more important things to do that celebrate the more-than-half-way point through the school year.

–Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time and feeling grouchy

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