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14 Milestones Your Pediatrician Won’t Mention

As a mother, I’m always anxious of those wellness visits at the pediatrician’s office and the checklist that she hands you as part of your ongoing dialogue. Between two kids, I’ve missed several developmental landmarks along the way. The crawling or creeping by 8 months, the handful of words by 12 months, and the being understood by unfamiliar adults by three years. But now, with a six- and four-year-old, I feel (can only hope and pray) that my kids are close to the next level of maturity. So instead of worrying about falling off the growth chart or reading sight words, I’ve decided to create another list: parental lifestyle milestones.

1.      Your youngest is tall enough so that you don’t have to slouch over wearing high heels to hold her hand. I no longer have a legitimate physical excuse for not dressing well. Challenge accepted. I will dress better this year, or at least, appear taller in the high heels. On the other hand, them getting bigger means that I’m struggling to fit both of them on my lap at the same time. Truly bittersweet.

2.      On vacation, you can have a cocktail around the pool without imminent fear of drowning. I’ve had mine in formal swim lessons since 6-months old in order to accomplish this. My kids can now actually swim without assistance. Stay tuned – spring break is bound to be interesting.

3.      “Get yourself dressed” = 10 more minutes of sleep. They’re up and ready to start the day. You tell them to read books quietly in their rooms. That buys you 15 minutes. The next time they come into your room to wake you up, you tell them to get dressed. It’s like a snooze button on an invisible alarm clock. But those extra minutes are bliss.

4.      They eat grown-up food. I’ve told my six-year-old that now that he’s losing teeth, he needs to eat grown-up food like mommy and daddy with his adult teeth (not just pizza, buttered pasta, chicken nuggets and hot dogs). Not quite working, but I know we’re close to me not having to make two dinners every night.

5.      They can buckle themselves into their boaster seats. “Get into the car” can potentially result in them being in their seats waiting on you.

6.      They are just as excited to see the babysitter as you are. They’re getting old enough where they realize that they need a break from you just as much as you need a break from them.

7.      You can exercise in the house while they entertain themselves. Yes, they understand the need for dinner, showering, laundry, and dishes, but exercising in the basement while they do something by themselves is a major milestone. Those last five pounds: no more excuses.

8.      Tie (or at least put on) shoes and zip up coats for departure. Maybe we’ll be on-time now.

9.      They can get themselves their own cup of water from the sink. Constantly cleaning and filling sippy cups are the bane of my existence. When can they actually handle a gallon of milk or that illusive hole in the juice box?

10.   They use the toilet in the middle of the night without your assistance. Uninterrupted sleep is every parent’s dream.

11.   They go outside to play without you. I long for the day that I look around the house and realize that they’re outside under their own initiative.

12.   They walk next to your shopping cart at the grocery store because they’re too big for the seat.

13.   Traveling becomes so much easier. They understand flight and drive times. They don’t get as cranky or annoying. A successful flight is no longer just one where the other passengers haven’t complained about your children to the flight attendants. You can actually read your own kindle as they work their own beside you.

14.   In honor of the week of vomit that I just experienced in my house, when your youngest can make it to the toilet in time for throw-up. The puke is that much worse all over their bed, stuffed animals, hair, and carpet, isn’t it? Please god, let them go to school this week. Please, please.

We’ve either hit or are close to all of these, and once we do, I just want to freeze them at this stage forever. Maybe this is what it means for the kids to be at that “fun age.” For all parents with younger kids – stay the course.

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