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Are My Kids Too Big for a Double Stroller?

We’re celebrating my son’s sixth birthday and my daughter’s fourth this weekend.

After several outings this past summer, I’d come home and think, it’s time to retire the double stroller. My husband disagreed. “It’s so great that they still want to go in it,” he’d said. “You get to extend all your outings since they can rest in there.”

I guess it was still a good idea to some extent. They like to sit in there and be wheeled around the zoo and the local amusement park. The stroller also provides a home for the four stuffed animals each that they insist on bringing with them. But does it extend the outing or reinforce their laziness? Neither of them has napped during the day for several years. So, we weren’t saving it for that. And, they’re getting heavy for me to push together, especially up those hills at the Pittsburgh zoo.

Definitely another modern-day mommy dilemma – is it time to give up the stroller for outings? Especially when one of them is in kindergarten and both of them jump in and out of it with ease?

When we lived in California, I remember mothers pushing older preschoolers in their double jogging strollers up and down the Strand along the Pacific during my stroller strides exercise class. One mother from this class even hooked her portable potty to her BOB double jogging stroller since she was potty training her younger child. Talk about multi-tasking. Besides at the beach, older kids routinely were in the stroller in the malls and at the zoo too.

Now that I think about it, were those kids in my California stroller strides class really six and four or did they just seem to be that old because my son was still a baby at the time?

I remember the older kids being in the stroller because I have visuals of their knees bent up to their eyeballs. These mothers bribed to them to stay in their strollers with promises of treats, park time, and television. I really admired these exercise-dedicated mothers who went to these great lengths to get their morning run in.

Anyway, my husband and I recently took the kids to Kennywood, Pittsburgh’s local amusement park. My husband hadn’t been there (or used the double stroller with me) since opening day at the park, about five months ago.

After several hours of pushing them around, with their knees practically giving then black eyes, my husband turned to me. “Did you get these kind of stares all summer?”

“Yes. I told you that before,” I said happy that I’d finally got his attention on this issue.

“I heard at least three people say under their breath, ‘Aren’t they a bit old for the stroller?’”

He was embarrassed and rightfully so. They had gotten too big. They were old enough to walk around. Being in the stroller hadn’t given them a rest as much as it made them cranky. I was sick of people double-taking at them, like one (or both) of them had special needs.

“Maybe we should try to skip to the front of the line,” I said sneakily. “Might as well considering this might be our last outing with the double stroller.”

“Do you think people think they have special needs?” he asked, even more embarrassed.

“Probably,” I admitted. “I’m joking about the line jumping.”

After we got home that night, I hosed it down, snapped a few photos of it, posted it on Craig’s List, and sold it promptly the next morning.

It’s a little bittersweet that they’re not babies anymore.

I guess the kids will have to learn to walk around Kennywood Park by themselves next summer.


Hope you enjoyed this latest in the funny mommy blog series!

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  1. Emily

    October 16, 2015 12:53 am

    Grew up about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh. Loved Kennywood!! Also recently sold our double stroller. 🙂

  2. Carissa Howard

    October 16, 2015 3:37 pm

    Can’t wait until my 2 are old enough for Fright Night at Kennywood!

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