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7 Christmas (or New Years) Gifts for Every Woman on Your List

Choosing the perfect gift for the women on your list can be quite a challenge. Considering women have quite a distinguished taste, you always have to be very careful with the present you’re about to buy, especially for your wife or girlfriend. No matter how good you know your better half, there’s always the risk you’ll be making a terrible mistake and end up ruining her Christmas. Check out the following suggestions, so you could buy your girl the ultimate present she’ll certainly love.



Whenever you’re in doubt, jewelry is the safest choice. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even pendants make a truly unique and special present for every girl. Therefore, it’s not important whether you choose gold or silver as long as you are going to make it one-of-a-kind. So be sure to consider engraving some special date, your name, or initials and she’ll have the best Christmas ever.




One thing is for sure, a girl can never have too many bags, wallets, scarfs, and other fabulous accessories. Pay attention if she stops in front of a store and sees the perfect bag she’d like to have next. What’s more, think what kind of a scarf she likes but doesn’t own, and make her warm with a big soft winter scarf.



A Planner

Some women can never be organized enough. Even with a planner in their phones, and agenda in their hands, it’s simply impossible to keep everything in order. Therefore, invest in a quality planner, and customize it yourself. This would make it so special, and she’ll think about you every time she has to go to the next meeting, so her day will instantly become better.



Hair Care Products

Not all of the girls have time or money to afford going to the salon for their hairstyling, so they do it at home. One of the bad sides of this kind of hairstyling is the fact that girls don’t usually have good hair care products, so they end up ruining their hair in the attempt to actually make it look fabulous. Give both your girl and her hair a real treat, and buy her some of the professional Cloud Nine hair care products. A hair straightener or a waving wand is something she’d absolutely love and appreciate.


You may think, “How much makeup does a woman need anyway?” – well, plenty, I can tell you that. Which is exactly why it is a perfect Christmas gift. The holiday season is filled with limited edition makeup kits that every girl falls in love with. Therefore, stop by M.A.C cosmetics or Sephora, and get her one of those cute Christmas edition kits that she’s probably already laid her eyes on.



Make It All About Music

If there’s a chance her favorite singer or band is playing in your city around Christmas time, you have nothing to worry about. Buy the tickets for the two of you, and make her a fabulous surprise. This will be another special date that you two will remember forever. What’s more, a real audiophile like herself would really appreciate a headphone swag, so treat her with pink or gold headphones.



Plan a Romantic Getaway

Sometimes, all a girl needs is some alone time with her man. Therefore, plan a romantic getaway for the two of you and make this Christmas more special than ever. You could go up in the mountains and enjoy the winter wonders on snow, or fly off to a warmer destination and have some Christmas fun in the sun.

The next time you go shopping, keep these suggestions in mind, and you won’t be at risk of choosing the wrong gift. Whether you opt for makeup, hair care products, jewelry or something else, the women on your list will be delighted.


–Emma Lawson, Guest Contributor

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