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Another Mother for hire in Pittsburgh

You all know my familiar statistics by now. Women spend, on average, 2.2 hours each day doing some form of housework (from cooking to laundry to cleaning to yard work to bill paying). Men do 1.4 hours per day too. We spend, on average, another 69 minutes per week grocery shopping.

Get some damn help.

I found Another Mother because I was curious to see if Pittsburgh had a bulk laundry service with delivery, similar to fluff and fold services that you’d see in larger cities, such as New York or Los Angeles. It turns out that it does, Another Mother. But they do so much more than just laundry. Another Mother also provides cleaning, grocery shopping, and dry cleaning management in the Pittsburgh area.

I’m happy to offer my readers a great discount for a great service.

From Another Mother:

Chores and More with a mother’s touch!  No matter the reason: too busy, preparing for or cleaning up from visitors, just hate the grocery store, laundry or dishes…when you can’t get to the chores, call us!  Bulk wash n fold, grocery shopping or cleaning services we do it all.  Visit www.anothermother.net and schedule your appointment today!  Mention that you heard of us on Shopping for Time / Carissa Howard and new customers will get the discounts from the coupon above!

 — Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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