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ireland_bb_02 1996

March 10, 2017 | No comments yet

Baseball: Ireland’s Latest Favorite American Pastime

in Me Time

Springtime. The birds are building nests, the weather is warming up, and baseball season begins with players reporting to spring training. Baseball, is no longer just America’s favorite pastime. Its popularity has long been embedded in Latin American culture and…

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100 days of school 2

January 27, 2017 | No comments yet

100 Days of School – The Worst Made-Up Holiday of the Year

in Humor, Kid Time, Me Time, Parenting Advice

I know that I’m going to get some hate for being a bad mom, but why and when did this 100 days of school thing become a thing? It’s just one more day in addition to Valentine’s Day (which is…

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January 2, 2017 | No comments yet

Why Every 40ish Mom Needs A Millennial Mom Friend

in Humor, Me Time

We all have our mothering tribes. Our group of friends that support, listen, and love us, without the need for our kids to line up in ages exactly. I’m lucky enough to have a group of friends that exchange inappropriate…

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December 23, 2016 | No comments yet

7 Christmas (or New Years) Gifts for Every Woman on Your List

in Holiday/Seasonal, Me Time

Choosing the perfect gift for the women on your list can be quite a challenge. Considering women have quite a distinguished taste, you always have to be very careful with the present you’re about to buy, especially for your wife…

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December 16, 2016 | No comments yet

Gift Ideas for Every Man on your List

in Holiday/Seasonal, Me Time

Happy to be back up on Pittsburgh Moms Blog today with holiday shopping ideas for those hardest gifts: husbands, dads, brothers, and in-laws. Good luck as you prepare for the holidays. “Yes, it’s December, and if you’re anything like me,…

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December 12, 2016 | No comments yet

Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours

in Holiday/Seasonal, Me Time

I was up on Pittsburgh Moms Blog last week writing about holiday traditions. What are your families’ traditions? Feel free to leave in the comments section. “If you build it, they will come.” …”This famous line from the movie Field…

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November 28, 2016 | No comments yet

5 Foods That Help Your Beauty

in Me Time

We all want to look beautiful and fight aging, but sometimes, busy life can hinder these intentions. This is especially true for women who have to balance their work and family. Still, while you may not find it possible to…

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November 17, 2016 | No comments yet

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood

in Date Night, Me Time

Here’s my piece up on Pittsburgh Moms Blog today. It is making my hungry and ready for the weekend. Enjoy! The Best Mexican Restaurants in Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood   –Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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November 2, 2016 | No comments yet

The Number One Reason to Give Up The Afternoon Nap

in Humor, Kid Time, Me Time, Parenting Advice

Up again on the Pittsburgh Moms Blog today. Here’s a funny piece on afternoon play dates: “My youngest stopped napping,” my friend complained to me one day. She was worried about not having any time to herself during the day….

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October 18, 2016 | No comments yet

Birthday Party Madness

in Humor, Kid Time, Me Time

The Birthday Party. Men… All that really matters is that the kids loved every second of it. Such is a mom’s life. Happy 7th Birthday, Tom! –Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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