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February 21, 2016 | 2 comments

14 Milestones Your Pediatrician Won’t Mention

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2. On vacation, you can have a cocktail around the pool without imminent fear of drowning. I’ve had mine in formal swim lessons since 6-months old in order to accomplish this. My kids can now actually swim without assistance. Stay tuned – spring break is bound to be interesting.

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February 11, 2016 | No comments yet

Valentine’s Day Madness

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You probably won’t be pinning it to any Valentine’s day boards on Pinterest. Unless, of course, you have a board entitled, “Crap I send to school with kids.” If you do, please pin away. Pin away, ladies. Here’s my shoe box lovingly covered in wrinkled pink wrapping paper.

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January 28, 2016 | No comments yet

7 Obtainable healthy habits for moms that don’t include healthy food or exercise

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I saw a pregnant woman doing Bikram yoga last night. And when I say pregnant, I mean she was eight-months round dripping sweat from her exposed belly doing a perfect standing bow. Bikram yoga is a 90-minute class in a 110⁰F room. Anyway, she’s motivated me for 2016. If she can exercise, so can I.

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January 13, 2016 | No comments yet

10 Things that Happened while DH Traveled for Work

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I read this hilarious article today and since DH travels extensively, I immediately could relate:

In addition to echoing this author’s thoughts, I swear that something always happens while DH’s in another time zone. Like some terrible Murphy’s Law that only strikes while I’m single mothering it. I’m a nervous wreck about everyone’s safety, have the security system armed at

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December 21, 2015 | No comments yet

4 Unnecessary Holiday Traditions

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It’s Christmas week! I love the holidays. The time in between Thanksgiving and New Years is a special time of year for many. My family has holiday traditions that involve parties, decking the halls, baking (or like me, buying and eating) cookies, and gift giving.

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A boy tying his shoelaces

December 7, 2015 | 2 comments

How To Teach A Kindergartener to Tie His Shoes

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He’s six-years-old, riding the bus every day to full-day kindergarten, but he doesn’t own a pair of shoes with laces.

At the beginning of the school year, his teacher made an announcement on her webpage that three students are in the shoe-lacing club. OK, three out of twenty-four. We’re not really behind. Last week, I asked him if there were still just three kids in that club. “There’s thirteen

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November 3, 2015 | 3 comments

Who Wants to Marry my Six-Year Old Son?

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As my kindergartener exited the bus today, the little girl who’s seated next to him yelled through the open door to me, “I’m going to marry him.”

“What?” I squealed to my son who bounded down the bus steps beaming from ear to ear. “I send you to kindergarten and you come back with a wife?”

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October 27, 2015 | No comments yet

The Worst Thing About Being A Mom

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The Worst Thing About Being A Mom

My new Spanish sister-in-law asked me on our summer vacation at the beach, “What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?”

A million things flashed through my mind. None of them original, however. They were the standard complaints that you always hear about lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of exercise, lack of adult interaction, lack of self, lack of decent clothes, lack of sex.

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October 20, 2015 | No comments yet

10 Random Collections that i Never Thought I´d Have in my Home

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As a mother of a six and four-year-old, I realize that my home is going to contain some amount of plastic crap. The endless collections of dolls, LEGO sets, action figures, books, kindles, DVDs, CDs, cars, trains, trucks, board games, Disney figurines, BarbiesPretty Ponies, crayons, and makers are standard issue for any boy and girl. For my husband and me, I stock plenty of bottles of wine (see my post – 6 Things My Kids Know About Alcohol). But, I’ve compiled a list of the random things that my kids love to collect.

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October 15, 2015 | 2 comments

Are My Kids Too Big for a Double Stroller?

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We’re celebrating my son’s sixth birthday and my daughter’s fourth this weekend.

After several outings this past summer, I’d come home and think, it’s time to retire the double stroller. My husband disagreed. “It’s so great that they still want to go in it,” he’d said. “You get to extend all your outings since they can rest in there.”

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