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October 12, 2015 | 1 comment

6 Things My Kids Know About Alcohol

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It’s pretty scary how much my children know about alcohol already.

My kids know that when my in-laws from Ireland stay, the icemaker in our bar is fired up for the duration of their visit. My kids love to eat ice. Even though, I taught them otherwise, they still eat it direct from the icemaker. Don’t tell Granny that the ice in her white wine may have been touched by my kids’ grubby little fingers.

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September 30, 2015 | 1 comment

Hearing the F-word on the bus

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The first several weeks of kindergarten have passed uneventfully for my five-year-old son. Considering all that I have done to get him ready for full-day school, I’m very thankful.

My husband and I were nervous about him riding the bus. I’m sure every parent of a kindergartener goes through this

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September 23, 2015 | 4 comments

Worst Place to See your Ex

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I moved back to my hometown a few years ago after a six-year stint on the West Coast. It’s the city where I grew up and where I went to law school. So, there’s ample opportunity for me to see someone that I went to high school with or someone that I knew in law school.

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September 16, 2015 | 5 comments

The Craziest Thing we Do for Our Kids

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I took my two preschoolers to a play date a few months ago where the host served baby carrots cut length-wise. Yes, she cut the larger ones length-wise into skinnier, smaller-in-diameter, easier-to-eat baby carrots. What a thoughtful mother, I had thought to myself at the time once I saw my three-year-old daughter eat a handful of them.

My lunchtimes haven’t been the same since.

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