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Dear Residents of the South Seas Tower (Part 2),

You won.

My children were pretty quiet in the pool area. We didn’t do big jumps or splashes. I didn’t interrupt your water aerobics class. I shh’ed them when they started squealing. I tried not to play “chase my son around the pool” during your nap time, since it’s so noisy. I politely waited until you all seemed awake and watching us. I like to think that I provided you with some entertainment.

I conformed, for the most part. I had to.

The judgement that I saw in your eyes was something that I’d never witnessed before. And, I’m no stranger to the looks that my children attract. The stares that I got in the grocery store over a child throwing a tantrum was nothing compared to an entire pool deck of half-awake seniors judging on my parenting style. With few other children around, I was completely outnumbered. After this year, the score is: Seniors (1), Howards (0).

But, I did break one tiny rule. So there.

When I wrote to you previously, before our trip, I didn’t realize that you had a no food policy at the pool. So, in addition to the no cellphone usage and no toys or horseplay in the pool, you cannot eat any food on the pool deck. I think their intention was no dinner there. They have two grilles next to the pool, but you have to go back to your unit to eat. What they didn’t consider was children having a small snack after a swim. Opening a bag of potato chips at the pool was also considered breaking the law.

So one day, my kids ate chips at the table and my poor mother picked up our crumbs on the ground after we left so as not to attract ants. I started calling her HOA Mamma for her conformist attitude. She really wants to go back to the same building next year, while we’re considering the Marco Island Marriott.

Other than the strictness at the pool, we had an amazing trip. We saw both sides of our family in one place. The kids had a blast. Their favorite thing was eating dinner at the restaurants every night with the group. Thank you, Kindles and headphones. The fact that the Island shuts down at 9PM (Marco Midnight), worked out great for our kids’ sleep schedule and our drinking schedule.

Hope everyone had a great #SpringBreak. The kiddos are finally back in school today. So Mommy can finally start writing again. #AmWriting.

Carissa Howard, My Misadventures in Mothering

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