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A Letter to the Residents of the South Seas Towers

Dear Retirement Community at the South Seas Towers,

I understand that Marco Island, Florida is primarily a retirement community. However, many families with children travel to Florida for Spring Break. Many families want to visit with older relatives, who happen to live or winter in Marco Island. So, it’s not unusual for families with young children to be in your condominium buildings, even though you only allow owners of the units to rent by the month to keep out the riffraff, like us. It’s not unheard of for six- and four- year olds to be using your swimming pool and barbeque areas, as visitors to the tenants there, or renting their own unit. Especially around Easter week.

Residents of the South Seas Towers, please consider this your warning. Your retirement may be interrupted by my six- and four- year olds for ten days in March around Easter. My advanced apologizes, but we’ve paid for our unit and we intend to make use of your facilities.

I understand that you like it to be quiet around your swimming pool. I understand that you’ve already scolded my mother, of retirement age herself, for using her cell phone at the pool instead of observing the quiet rules. A brief phone conversation by a 70-year-old lady is going to be a refreshing Spring picnic compared to the havoc that my children are going to wreak at the pool. In other words, you’ve seen nothing yet.

We are loud. We jump into the water. We splash. We dive. We bring in toys. We play Marco Polo. My children are known to giggle. To laugh. To squeal with excitement. I’ll allow them in the hot tub. My children don’t use inside voices at the pool, because, you know what, they’re not inside. Nor will I tell them to use their quiet voices at an outdoor swimming pool.

I will be throwing them into the air and throwing Frisbees. Your morning water aerobics may be slightly different with my children being tossed into the deep end. You may think that 9:30AM is early, but my children have been up for hours by that time. You are lucky that I’ll keep them at bay until that hour of the day. Your reading time may be interrupted by the laughter of the adults in our group drinking alcohol in plastic cups at all times of the day.

Please understand. We have been inside all winter in the North. Not because of weather this year, but because we’ve caught each and every variation of the flu virus this year. We have earned our right to be noisy and boisterous at the pool.

For these ten days, you may want to consider vacating the premises, finding another exercise regime, such as a lovely stroll on the beach, using the public library to read, or simply avoiding the pool area. You’ll also want to avoid us on the beach, but thankfully, there’s more space there.

Finally, I realize that this is the first and last year that we’ll be allowed to rent a unit in your building, which only further fuels me to make the most of it.

You have been warned.

Roll on Spring Break.


Carissa Howard, My Misadventures in Mothering

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