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The Fear of What Lies Beyond Preschool

My first post on Pittsburgh Moms Blog, The Fear of What Lies Beyond Preschool:

For my youngest child, full-time school starts this month. My children will be at school from 8:30AM to 2:30PM, five days a week. A milestone that is wrought with emotion for this stay at home mom.

Although my youngest is a doll, a pet, a dote – a sweet, easy child – a child that easily goes from the shopping cart to dance class to Grandma’s to preschool, I’ve still be reaching for this goal for a few years. The goal of getting them out of my immediate nest. Not yet for college, but for a life that doesn’t begin and end solely in my home, under my umbrella.

…[Please read the rest of the story here].

–Carissa Howard




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