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Homey, It’s time for Chores

It’s summertime. The kids are done with school, the swimming pools are open, and we’re scheduling our vacations. Since they are home more, it’s time to get the kids organized with their summer chores.

I found this great, free chore app – Homey. It’s a great way to get everyone in the house to participate with the never ending stream of housework, with tons of age-appropriate chores and rewards.

Homey is a free iOS and Android chore app that works with photos. So when you set a chore you first take a photo (messy room, dishes in the sink…) and then you can set optional recurrence and due date, set points, and either assign the task to someone in your household or leave it “free for all” which means that anybody can do it and get points for it.

When kids complete the chore they have to take a photo of the completed chore – so you can see on your phone what got done and if it’s done good enough even if you’re not at home (or you don’t have time to go to each bedroom to check if the beds have been made;)). If it doesn’t look good to you, you can click “Redo” and the points get taken away until they finish the chore again.

You can set rewards (anything – screen time, allowance, sleepover, family trip, a toy…) and when kids get enough points they can redeem those rewards and you get notified.

There is also a family leaderboard – for each week and all time. And we have found that a lot of the parents like to use Homey for themselves too, so they can be up there on the leaderboard. It’s also good for kids to see how much parents (generally moms) actually do for them, because then they appreciate them more and are more willing to pitch in. And you can also put honey-do tasks on there, and your partner gets notifications, so you don’t have to nag and remind them.

Along with custom chores that you create yourself, the app has some content for quicker setup – you can import bundles of already created tasks, that you only have to assign to your family. Most of these bundles are free, Spring Cleaning which is the biggest one is $1.

Have a great summer!

–Carissa Howard, Shopping For Time

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