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Hungry? Get $50 off HelloFresh

You’ve seen the photos on social media have been curious as to how these meal delivery services work. Here’s your chance to try HelloFresh. Enter CARISSA25 at checkout and receive $25 off each of your first two boxes (for a fifty-dollar savings).

How it works. A box of fresh, perfectly-portioned ingredients arrives at your doorstep once a week. Use the provided recipes to prepare a home-cooked dinner three, four, or five nights a week. Each box contains only the amounts necessary to make specific recipes. There’s no measuring or wasting left-over ingredients. With HelloFresh, there’s no obligation to continue the service. You can skip weeks at no additional cost. The meals are selected for you (another convenience) by a celebrity chef.

Enter CARISSA25 at checkout and receive $25 off each of your first two boxes (for a fifty-dollar savings).

I’ve compared HelloFresh to some other competitors.

·       It’s affordable. A Classic box for two is $69.00 ($11.50 per serving) for three meals, six total servings. A Family box (4 people) is $105.00 ($8.75 and up per serving) for three meals for four people, 12 total servings. A vegetarian box is available as well as other sizes. I found it to be one of the least expensive of these types of services.

·       Free shipping on every box.

·       All nutritional information is provided for each meal.

·       The food quality is very good and the meals are delicious (I’ve tried the blackened tilapia with crispy potatoes and blistered veggies, the crispy spiced chicken with sweet potato fries and garden salad, and the French onion soup burger with Béchamel, caramelized onions, and kale chips). The produce and proteins are fresh.

·       The recipes are very easy to prepare and to eat. My family is notoriously picky. If you need easy, family meals (chicken, beef, stews, and pastas), then this is the service to use. Some of the recipes of HelloFresh’s competitors are far too exotic for every family’s tastes. HelloFresh is something that you can rely on, week, after week, without unexpected surprises or whiny complaints. This is a great way to get perfectly portioned, fresh, easy to make, healthy meals, that your family actually will eat without complaining, delivered to you. If you are looking for new, adventurous recipes with vegetables that your children have never even heard of before or dishes that your husband can’t pronounce, this may not be the best service for you. Besides, there are other nights of the week to try out that great recipe you found on Pinterest. HelloFresh helps you get a quality, family meal on the table.

·       Some reviewers don’t like that you can’t select your meals. I find that to be a positive of HelloFresh. The entire premise of these services is that you are looking for someone to select your meals for you and do your fresh grocery shopping. HelloFresh does that for you. Planning your weekly menu is one less thing for you to worry about. You don’t have to login each week to select your meals. You pick up some basics at the grocery store and HelloFresh sends your dinners through the mail. Your shopping is done for the week leaving you with more time.

·       There’s less packaging compared to other competitors and they use recyclable cardboard boxes instead of plastic. Each meal is clearly labeled and separated from the others.

Enter CARISSA25 at checkout and receive $25 off your first two boxes.

Carissa’s Tips:

1.     Select a day of the week for delivery that you’ll be home at a reasonable hour so that you can refrigerate your ingredients right away. The boxes are packed with plenty of ice packs in an insulated box, but in warmer weather, I try not to let the box sit out for hours on end.

2.     Select a day of the week that works with your grocery shopping schedule. For me, I have HelloFresh delivered before my normal grocery shopping day. That way, I’ll see what I get from HelloFresh and be able to supplement at the grocery store appropriately.

3.     I try to cook in bulk (at least 2 meals) the day or day after I receive my box. That way, I know the ingredients are the freshest, it’s one major cook and clean up in my kitchen, and I have meals made and ready for easy heat-up all week. However, HelloFresh tells you which meal to cook first if you can’t cook them all together (usually, the seafood).

4.     Another way to use: Prepare all the sides for easy reheat and swapping. Cook the proteins fresh each night.

5.     If the recipe calls for a baking sheet, I sometimes use a glass Pyrex casserole pan instead. You’ll have to coat it with olive oil so that your food won’t stick. Stir or flip halfway through cooking time. This allows you to mix in any spice or seasoning. This also leads to moister food, which I like, although some people want their veggies crispy.

6.     Use extra olive oil and garlic (minced cloves or even powdered) than the recipe calls for – a sure way to make any veggie or drier protein delicious. I’ve Italian heritage, so these items exist in my home. You may need to stock up the next time you shop.

7.     Select recipes/box/service that your family will eat. The reason behind the service is simple. You want to cook a homemade family meal, but want the convenience of it being delivered and organized for you. HelloFresh is designed with families in mind. The recipes are carefully selected and kid-friendly.

Enter CARISSA25 at checkout and receive $25 off each of your first two boxes (for a fifty-dollar savings).

Happy cooking and eating.

–Carissa Howard

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  1. t tener

    May 13, 2016 4:51 am

    hello sis
    we are expecting you to cook for us when you come to north carolina

  2. Carissa Howard

    May 14, 2016 8:07 pm

    Big Bro,
    Will cook for you any time. Here or there!

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