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I’m Not Ready for My Youngest to Grow Up

My youngest asked me yesterday about being dropped in the car line at the front circle of her school. She’d seen other kids do it all last year and for the first couple weeks of school this year and was wondering if she was old enough for it. I have always walked her into the school and left her in the lobby with a big wet kiss where she proceeded to line up in the hall with the other transitional kindergartners.

I told her that she could be dropped off or that I could keep walking her in. She said she wanted me to drop her off by herself. I didn’t think much of it – I wasn’t going to push her into it. I had been happily walking her in each day. I thought that she’d maybe feel differently in the morning, but this morning as we were driving to school, I asked her, “Do you want me to walk you in today or are we going to try the front circle?”

“Front circle,” she responded confidently. And, so we tried it. There were no tears. She just joined in the wave of children entering the school and was gone. And, she didn’t even look back.

She’s four and I’m officially heartbroken.



















I cried for a whole twenty minutes at that. I cried longer than I did for her first day of school, now three weeks ago, longer than my son starting first grade, longer than I was prepared to cry. Because she is the one that grows up too fast. There must be one in every family. She’s the one who easily adjusts to things, who if you teach her something once, it’s learned forever.

By contrast, my son, who’s almost seven, has to be dragged up to each developmental milestone kicking and screaming. It’s just who he is. He needs that bit of parental pushing to get him to the next level. Each and every level, from walking to talking to riding the bus or exiting the car in a different manner than we did the previous day.

But for my daughter, well, she’s different. And, it scares me. It scares me because I know that she’s the independent one. I remember what I was capable of at a young age and know that she’s the same.

It’s like I’ve been waiting for seven years for my son to grow up a little without me helping him do it so much. And now, my daughter is the one that’s growing up too fast. And, I’m not quite ready to let her go.

–Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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