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The Picture Perfect Life We All Want

We’ve all seen photos on facebook and secretly were jealous. Or wondered what really happens in every day life. I try to remind myself that what we see on facebook is not a complete depiction of real life. We all have ideals as to what we should be doing, but sometimes fall short. So, I’m going to show you a behind the scenes glimpse of my real life, not just what I would like it to be or what I post on facebook.

This is a back to school week in many parts of the country. Many of us (me included) post photos like this on the first day of school:

school perfect

I was so nervous about mine that I was up half the night, but everyone did great. My son even cooperated with holding a cute little sign. He rode a new bus to a new school. I was so proud. My daughter marched seamlessly off to school too, but she’s been ready for college since birth, so no big surprise there. This is what I didn’t post, the picture of Mommy crying as they grow up.



Over the summer, I felt like every other kid but mine was strengthening his reading skills. Also, you probably had a unique craft or bake good each day. While you baked a pinned recipe, your kids probably did this:

Two little boys playing chess

While my kids looked like this around the house:


Seriously, they all find that same position of boredom on the couch, like a lazy cat. What is up with that? Despite having a million toys, this lackluster attitude around the house is why we go out as much as possible.


What about having a social life? For many of us, we try to find the time for date nights, which ideally should look like this:

date night


My date nights usually look more like this:

couple using computers in bed

I’ve been teased for putting my kids to bed so early. But, an early bedtime means more time with your partner and to work. Ideally, I should be using my evenings for writing like this:


In reality, early bedtimes often result in evenings that look more like this:





When my husband travels overnight (and on other days too), I should be exercising like this:


In reality, I sometimes eat ice cream for dinner. Because we all know that calories consumed alone, late at night with the kids in bed and your husband in another sate don’t really count.


Finally, in housekeeping, as a work-from-home mom, my house should be spotless, like this:


But usually, it looks closer to this:


Life is messy, yet beautiful. I wouldn’t trade my real life for any fake version of perfection.

Good luck to all the moms and children as they go back to school. Wishing everyone a great new year.

–Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time.

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  1. tara pittman

    August 24, 2016 11:49 pm

    This is so true in my life too. I love late night eating too.

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