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SMILEY PITS: All-Natural Deodorant for Kids

At what age do kids start needing deodorant?

It’s the summer months. It’s hot and sticky and you notice that your kid stinks after being at camp, riding in the car, playing outside, or practicing soccer. 

After a full day at our local amusement park, I unloaded four pre-teen kids from my car, including two six-year-olds and an eight-year-old. Boy, did my car smell like a locker room full of sweaty socks. I realized that my kids are starting to smell and maybe are ready to wear deodorant. Makes sense, I thought. Since kids are playing sports at younger and younger ages, younger and younger kids need to start wearing deodorant. 

I went looking for a kids’ deodorant. One that was safe for my pre-teen son, one that didn’t smell perfumey. One that was safe and natural.

I found SMILEY PITS, an all-natural deodorant for kids of all ages. SMILEY PITS formulas contain no aluminum, no parabens, no GMO’s, no gluten, and no toxic chemicals. And the best part, it actually works. No more smelly kids. Turns smelly into smiley.

My kids loved the colorful packaging and funny names. There are scents for the whole family. SICK NASTY DEFENSE appealed to my son, who said it smelt like dirty socks brushing their teeth. My daughter like both the MAGICAL (lavender) and FLOWER POWER (floral) scents. I personally tried the ROCK TOUGH and SUNSHINE scents, which were gender neutral. ROCK TOUGH has no added essential oil blends and is SMILEY PITS “unscented” scent. SUNSHINE is only lightly citrus scented. 

Now, just like TOM’s of Maine, these products are not antiperspirants, they are merely deodorants: your body will sweat naturally. To date, there are no antiperspirants on the market that don’t contain harmful aluminum salts. If you are unfamiliar with the recent debate in aluminum-filled antiperspirants and the health issues that they are causing, please find some further reading here.

SMILEY PITS are available at several retail locations in the Virginia Beach area and directly through its website. Each 3-ounce stick is available for $9.99. Buy 3 or more for free shipping.

I hope that you enjoy SMILEY PITS as much as me and my family.

Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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