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Strider Balance Bikes Make the Perfect Holiday Gift (Sponsored)

Does your child have energy to burn? Then you’re ready for a Strider balance bike.

You’ve probably heard about balance, no-pedal bikes before. For toddlers, these bikes are known to help develop a child’s independence, sense of balance and prepare them for learning how to ride a bike with pedals when the time comes. With a balance bike, kids can skip the training wheels altogether, self-propelling with their feet. The younger the kids start with a balance bike, when they are lower to the ground, the easier it is for them to learn.

Specifically, I tried a Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike. Although Strider provided this bike, the opinions expressed are my own.

Review of the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike, Strider’s No. 1 Selling balance bike

First, the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is easy to assemble. It took me just five minutes from opening the box to having a completed bike. All that has to be added to the frame is: 1) one of two seats, depending on height, and 2) the handle bars.



My daughter, who is close to five and extremely tall for her age, tried the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike. She has been putting off trying to ride a bike and I had heard from friends that the Strider Bike would be a great way to allow her gain the confidence and coordination needed.  Although she was so excited to try it, she was just too tall for this size. Luckily Strider do make larger sizes which we will get for Santa presents.*


I wanted the Strider bike I had to have a good home so I asked my close family friend to try it for her two-year old daughter Grace. As you can see, this bike was the perfect size for Grace, who instantly transformed into a big kid the second she put on her helmet for the first time.





These pictures above are from Grace’s first day out with the bike. As Strider explains, and what seemed obvious to me, she’ll progress from standing walking to seated walking to seated running to seated gliding to standing gliding in little time at all.









The Strider Bike allowed Grace to quickly gain confidence on her own without fear or a parent holding her bike. Her mobility increased throughout the afternoon from toddling after her parents to moving along with speed. Another nice feature of the Strider Bike that we noticed was how easy it was to transport. With no pedals and its lightweight design, it was easy to throw in the trunk and bring to the park for Grace to enjoy her afternoon.

Made of ultra-light aluminum, this bike is easy to maneuver with footrest they can rest their feet on as they get more confident and can balance while coasting. The Stirder 12 Sport Balance Bike consistently gets rave reviews from parents.

Some of the features I like with Strider 12 Balance Bike:

  • No-tools needed for either assembly or height adjustments for seat and handlebars
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for toddlers to control and parents to cart around
  • Flat-free tires so no worrying about pumps or maintenance
  • 7 vibrant colors to choose from

The Strider bikes are great for early riders. The age range on the box says 18 months to five years. I would say that 18 months to four years is slightly more accurate. I would buy the balance bike over a tricycle, scooter or 12-inch bike with training wheels for this age group. I think you will find that your child will get more independence, exercise and sense of accomplishment from riding the Strider bikes.

Also, included in your purchase of the Strider 12 Sport balance bike is information to enter your child in Strider’s Cup National race series for toddlers. These are exciting, fun filled races for your toddler (ages 2 to 5). There are races scheduled in Pittsburgh, PA, Fort Worth, TX and Lincoln, NE in May and June 2017.  Full details here.

*If your child is closer to five and/or is larger, I would try the larger size Strider bikes here. I never realized before this opportunity to work with Strider that these no-pedal balance bikes are made for larger children. If you have an older child and are behind in learning to ride a bike, these are a terrific option. Especially for children with special needs. The bigger kid models are: Genuine Strider 16, ages 6+ and Genuine Strider 20, ages 13+. There are age guidelines on these products, but you can always place your child on a regular bike at a toy store to be sure that the frame size is right for him.

Consider Strider balance bikes for your holiday gifts for all ages.


–Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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