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Why Tablets are a Must in the Classroom

Resources are always stretched thin in the classroom—teachers often have too many students, or students with different learning levels and styles. And while they might wish to do one on one teaching, that’s unrealistic for the whole day. So how then do they help students—particularly those at both ends of the learning spectrum? A new concept called flipping the classroom may help.

Flipping the classroom puts lectures—those that teachers develop or those from other respected learning sites—online so that students can access them via tablets. Then, students can spend as much (or as little) time as they need with the lecture, which in turn frees up the teacher to focus on answering questions or passing along other lessons during that face-to-face time.
Flipping the classroom has a number of benefits for both student and teacher, and tablets offer opportunities for learning, too. Want to learn more? This graphic can help.

Tablets in the Classroom


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