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Valentine’s Day Madness

One of my friends and faithful readers suggested that I write a post on Valentine’s madness. Thank you for the inspiration.

If you have kids, you have to do Valentine’s Day. This means preparing the cards for fellow classmates and providing a receptacle for receiving all these cards. And by cards, I mean homemade personalized treat bags for at least 25 children (that can’t contain food).

The super mommies of the world go crazy for these crafting activities. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably correctly guessed that I’m not crafty. (I’m much better suited for homework and athletics.)

But, I made a homemade shoebox for my 4-year-old today for her classroom party.

You probably won’t be pinning it to any Valentine’s day boards on Pinterest. Unless, of course, you have a board entitled, “Crap I send to school with kids.” If you do, please pin away. Pin away, ladies. Here’s my shoebox lovingly covered in wrinkled pink wrapping paper.

I’m quite pleased with it because it could have been worse. First, I had a shoebox at home and didn’t have to use the box of white Zinfandel that her Grandma offered. I had pink wrapping paper too. The note from her teacher said it should be white because part of their in-school activity is to decorate it with hearts and stickers. So, there – this is above the call of duty. Best yet, my 4yo loves it; she simply adores her pink box. From this humble beginning, the boxes can only get better each year. Maybe next year, she’ll get a princess palace box. If Daddy or Grandma make her one, that is.

Thankfully, no box is required in the kindergarten room, but I’m a party organizer for tomorrow. Wish me luck with handing out cookies and drinks.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Have fun making your Disney character inspired boxes. Oh right, it’s February 10th, you’re probably already making Shamrocks and Easter eggs.


–Carissa Howard, My Misadventures in Mothering

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