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Week In Review

I’ve been branching out into lifestyle pieces recently in addition to the parenting subjects. My articles aren’t just for moms anymore. I’ve had another busy week, getting three posts published (two on the Huffington Post #HuffPost and one on Traveling Mom #TMOM):

10 Ways to Optimize Your Morning Routine
Dear Classmate, I’m Anxious about our 20th High School Reunion
Essential Destination Wedding Guest Survival Guide

Thanks to all for reading and sharing. I haven’t had much time for my own blog, mainly because I’ve recently been taking care of a third kid. DH broke his collarbone snowboarding. I promised him that I wouldn’t blog about it and I’m trying to be nice. Trying…

Hopefully, he’ll be in a little better shape, at least out of his sling, by the time Spring Break gets here. Otherwise, I won’t be able to continue to play nice and you’ll hear all about it. LOL

–Carissa Howard, My Misadventures in Mothering

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