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What’s the Most Outlandish Thing You’ve Told Your Children?

Tonight, while I was putting my kids to bed, I told them that sometimes, late at night, I get hungry and I eat a midnight snack. I told them that sometimes I come into their rooms when they sleep and that I’m so hungry that I nibble on their toes and their cheeks. And then, since I’m still hungry, I eat a sandwich with bread and their fingers being the sandwich meat and I eat it right over their sleeping faces. They, of course, didn’t believe me until I mentioned the sleepers that they wake up with in their eyes. Where else do those crumbs come from, I asked them? From Mommy, eating a sandwich right over your face while you sleep.

I tell my kids these outlandish, blatant lies all the time. I’m wondering if I’m the only one. I suspect not. So, I’m opening this up to my readers in the hopes that you’ll all share your stories.

What is the craziest thing / lie / story / myth / half-truth / fact that you’ve ever told your kids?

Please put in the comments below!

–Carissa Howard

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