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#PghMomsGiveBack: Give Back to Pittsburgh Public Schools with Sydney Paige Backpacks

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We are crazy-busy this time of year. Everyone is telling us where to shop and why. I’d ask if you would please take a minute and read about Sydney Paige backpacks. For each one that you buy, one bag is…

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5 Foods That Help Your Beauty

in Me Time

We all want to look beautiful and fight aging, but sometimes, busy life can hinder these intentions. This is especially true for women who have to balance their work and family. Still, while you may not find it possible to…

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Strider Balance Bikes Make the Perfect Holiday Gift (Sponsored)

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Does your child have energy to burn? Then you’re ready for a Strider balance bike. You’ve probably heard about balance, no-pedal bikes before. For toddlers, these bikes are known to help develop a child’s independence, sense of balance and prepare them…

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The Best Mexican Restaurants in Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood

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Here’s my piece up on Pittsburgh Moms Blog today. It is making my hungry and ready for the weekend. Enjoy! The Best Mexican Restaurants in Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood   –Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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Tweet, Text, and Teach: Classroom Management in the Digital Age

in Activities, Kid Time, Parenting Advice

Guest Educational Post Brought to you by Quill Kiersten Bush

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The Number One Reason to Give Up The Afternoon Nap

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Up again on the Pittsburgh Moms Blog today. Here’s a funny piece on afternoon play dates: “My youngest stopped napping,” my friend complained to me one day. She was worried about not having any time to herself during the day….

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Costco Mom Hour this Friday, November 4th

in Get More Time, Giveaways, Grocery Shopping

Pittsburgh, PA. – Pittsburgh Moms Blog and Costco present the second-annual “Mom Hour, a Holiday Shopping Event just for Moms!” On Friday, November 4, 2016, Costco will open its doors an hour early (starts at 9AM) for moms to get…

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Birthday Party Madness

in Humor, Kid Time, Me Time

The Birthday Party. Men… All that really matters is that the kids loved every second of it. Such is a mom’s life. Happy 7th Birthday, Tom! –Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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Finding Our Children’s Talents

in Humor, Me Time

Must be all that training my kids have given me in hunting for lost toys. –Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

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My Worst Beauty Fail

in Humor, Me Time

My Worst Beauty Fail I’ve tried to one of those glamorous mothers. Like the ones that can wear high heels and trendy clothes to outings with the kids. The ones who have their hair and make-up always perfect. More accurately,…

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